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Venus Series – LED Displays The One-stop Solution For Your Conference

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Venus is a newly launched high-resolution display series specially designed for meetings and conferences. As it is designed for closer viewing, the Venus series is a perfect alternative for traditional presentation tools like whiteboards and projectors which can be applied to many scenarios that require meetings. With Venus’s help, you can free both hands for more hand gestures on your presentations and, you will be allowed to show your participants a more colorful and vivid visual experience that they have never seen before. So, let it guide you and start your visual feast!  

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Multiple sizes for multiple purposes

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Venus series LED displays2

Venus series display supports ultra-high-resolution from 4K-8K (0.9 Pixel pitch to 2.5 pitch), available in sizes from 82-216 inches. You can either choose your size for your best viewer experience or just tell us what you need, and we will provide the best solutions to fit your demand. Just relax, we will take care of the problems.

Build for online conferences

Venus series LED displays3

Venus series is integrated by an android system, infrared touch, audio, and other structural design applications that support HDMI/USB, RJ45 interface, and other interfaces, allowing Venus to connect with multiple types of devices.

Thanks to the wide viewing angle, it is equally impactable for viewers all over the room without additional speakers for dynamic audio. Enveloping sound and wide-angle viewing mean that participants can engage with the material, even in the largest and most crowded room. 

Easy installation

Venus series LED displays4

The Venus series supports multiple installation methods, including wall-mounting and the mobile stand. By using the all-in-one structure, the Venus display can be installed in various scenarios by only two people for two hours.

The most sensitive touch screen ever!

Venus series LED displays5

After many years of research and generations of improvements. The Venus series applied the ultimate interactive display for both speed and pinpoint accuracy, making it one of the fastest responding screens in the world (less than 0.04 seconds). Thus, it is a perfect choice for collaborative applications, presentation drawing and, general daily use.


Model Venus 108 Venus 135 Venus 163
Brightness(nits) 0-1200 0-1200 0-1200
Refresh Rate(hz) 1920\3840 1920\3840 1920\3840
Machine Power(Max\Aver) w 3000\1000 3000\1000 3000\1000
MachineWeight(kg) 110.5 169 240.5
Machine Size(mm) 2400*1350 3000*168.75 3600*2026
View angle 170° 170° 170°
Input A\C(Votage) 100-240 100-240 100-240
Control Distance LVDS input, 3*HDMI, 8*1G network port output, 2*USB, WIFI, infrated remote control, blue tooth

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