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Uranus Series – Outdoor LED Display

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Starsparks Uranus outdoor series LED delivers an excellent viewer experience even in challenging environments with its ultra-high brightness and ultra-low power consumption. Its main attraction for customers is its 10000nit ultra-high brightness, dedicated visibility of image even under strong direct sunlight.

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Furthermore, due to our unique protection design and aluminum forged cabinets, our displays are always ready to be clear and bright even under extreme working heat with its excellent display quality, longer life cycle, and excellent durability.


We have our own encapsulated method with fifteen years of exclusive LED encapsulating expertise.


Uranus series can save 65% energy with its low power consumption, low heat dissipation, and longer lifespan. As an outdoor LED screen, it has an extremely high performance, with high brightness, high grayscale, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, wide color gamut, and high-level driving IC.


The screws and locks of the Uranus series are made of 304 stainless steel and within the double protection of strongly-insulated wires wrapped in fiberglass that makes it reach a higher protective and weather-resistant level and ensures its long service life.


We apply the multi-layered water-resistant design on both modules, panels, and power boxes to ensure the Uranus series can adapt to all kinds of environments.


By using our cutting-edge heat dissipation design, the lifespan of the spare parts has extended significantly.


2-5 years product warranty to guarantee stability and reliability.


A display of 300 Sqm used for five years will save $200,000 on Electricity Costs.


It is easy to save transport costs due to its thin panel and convenient transport.


The Uranus series product provides both front access and rear access, allowing customers to choose mounting options based on their environment or condition and minimizing limitations in installation and maintenance.

LED Chips SMD 3in1 2727 DIP 346 DIP 346
Pixel Pitch(mm) 6.66 10.66 16
Cabinet Size(mm) 1280x960x72 1280x960x80 1280x960x80
Cabinet Resolution 192x144 120x90 80x60
Cabinet Weight(㎏) 31 37 35
Cabinet  Materials Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Module Size/(mm) 320x320 320x320 320x320
Brightness(nit) 10000 10000 10000
Refresh Rate(Hz) >6000 >5000 >26000
Gray Level(Bit) 16 16 16
Contrast ratio 12000∶1 15000∶1 24000∶1
Color Temperature(K) 7500 7500 7500
View Angle(°) 160/75 160/60 145/70
Drive Mode 1/4 1/5 static state
Input Voltage(V) 100~240 200~240 200~240
Power Consumption(Max\Aver)(W/㎡) 660/220 260/87 270/90
Storage Temperature(℃) -40~+60 -40~+60 -40~+60
Working Tempreature(℃) -30~+50 -40~+50 -40~+50
Storage Humidity(RH) 10%~90% 10%~90% 10%~90%
Working Humidity(RH) 10%~90% 10%~90% 10%~90%
Protective Grade(Front/rear) IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54


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