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At Starspark, we offer all-in-one LED solutions for your conference and meeting rooms. With many years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, our experts from Starspark can deal with all kinds of application scenarios and choose the best-LED solutions from accessories to screen that match perfectly with our client's requirements. As our CEO Mr. Chen always say, our customers don't come to shop for the screens with the highest resolution, they come for the best matches of their needs. Thus, we will calculate all the data our clients provide us, estimate all the costs, and find the easiest installation ways before we ship our final products to them.

Our LED display can be built to the exact shape and size you want. We will help you ensure the LED solution is the perfect fit for your conference room and your existing AV installation. 

After selling service
With corporate business partners like Absen and installers from all over the world, we can provide our customers with efficient maintenance and installation services. Our after selling groups are up 24/7 and ready to respond to our clients immediately. 

Stadium and Arenas

Starspark offers multiple types of displays with optional pixel pitches that can be chosen for various viewing distances and angles. Based on the viewing distance and the maintenance methods, we can also supply our customers with accessories like receiving cards, processors, and mounting brackets.

For the last decade, we have customized over 100 outdoor Led screens to be applied to the different stadiums, arenas, and other outdoor events. We have gained our reputation from our high-quality products and efficient services. From design to installation, we analyze and research all the data our customers provide us and based on the data we will choose the best solution to fit their needs. From maintenance to after-selling service, we have a group of experienced experts to give us the most professional advice from the LED industry.


Control Room

Control room is a complex environment which focus on clear tasks like monitoring, commanding and process control. Therefore, a high resolution, a multi tasks focusing LED system would be a key tool for your control room.

To enhance situational awareness, our displays equipped technologies that are vivid and ultra-sharp, facilitating the most accurate and efficient interpretation of visual data—especially during crucial moments. High resolution video walls and large format displays with wide viewing angles ensure that data, maps, and detailed sources are abundantly crisp and visible from anywhere in the room.

Control room

Extended Lifetime
Lifecycle and total cost-of-ownership are important economic considerations in the selection of a Control Room display system. To maximize investment, built-in technologies and designs are incorporated with some systems to help them last longer.

Highway-LED Digital Billboards

subway and highway

At Starspark we provide professional LED solutions for highway, rail station or subways where are a large quantity of information needs to be shown to the public. With our help, we will ensure that you would be always able to provide your customers with the right information at right time.

Our LED screens can directly connect with the traffic control system. This not only forms a unified management platform, but also can display the latest traffic information in a timely manner.
1. Standalone LED digital signage has clear graphics and far visual distance.
2. The LED display can be controlled by two computers at the same time. Even if there is a fault in one computer, the display can be controlled by another computer to ensure that the LED screen works normally.
3. We can provide ultra-thin LED screen, which is easy to install and maintain.

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