• Why choose Starspark as your partner?


Why choose Starspark as your partner?

(1)Reasonable Price Compared to most of the branded Led displays on the market, we choose to stand with our partners and provide our products with more reasonable prices that help them gain a competitive position in their local market. Our prices are transparent to our partners, limiting our net profit to 10%. (2)Supreme quality All of our production lines are operated in dust-free workshops to execute strict implementation of clean production and a comprehensive quality control system. Our products have strictly gone through our quality and aging tests and lighten for at least 24 hours before leaving our factories. Therefore, the price comparison between Starspark and other unbranded manufacturers is meaningless. The cost of our strict controlled production process is invisible but necessary for our clients. It means less cost for maintenance and time and money-saving for unnecessary reparations. (3)3 years worry-free warranty. All products have come with a three-year warranty. It is a durability guarantee for our products and quality insurance for our clients. Before we sell our products to our clients, we will also sign a contract with the local installers. The contract will cover the cost of potential repatriation for the next three years after we make the sale.

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Post time: Mar-31-2022