• Starspark applied the “COB” technology on their newly launched “Dragon series” LED display.


Starspark applied the “COB” technology on their newly launched “Dragon series” LED display.



COB stands for Chip on board, a new generation of encapsulation technology for LED display. This technology allows three RGB-led chips to integrate and encapsulate an SMD electronics package to produce SMD diodes.
One of the most significant advantages of COB LED displays is that they can provide higher brightness and less power consumption than the traditional DIP and SMD LED displays.
The advantage of COB is also shown in the heat dissipation. The main substrates of the COB LED chip are aluminum and ceramic, which are better materials for heat conductivity.
With our coating technology, our COB products result in better water, dust, and sunshine resistance and prevent or minimize physical damage from transportation.
About Our “Dragon Series” COB LED Display.



The “Dragon Series” was developed in conjunction with our product teams, technical evangelists, and customers and is based on our local best practices. The “Dragon Series” mainly targets the fine-pitch LED market, and we provide customized products from 0.625mm to 1.5625mm.


Our Dragon series has fully applied the flip-chip COB technology, which increased the shock resistance for the entire chip to 10KG. (The regular COB chip has weaker protection on the upper part of the chip, which can only resist the shock power from 5-12 grams.) 


Dragon Series has reduced 70% of the connection point compared to traditional SMD LED displays and 54% to regular COB LED displays, saving 50% of the power and decreasing 30% of working temperature.
High color Contrast: Dragon series also has higher color contrast than traditional SMD LED displays and regular COB LED displays.
SMD LED displays: 10,000:1
COB LED displays: 40,000:1
Dragon Series Led displays: 500,000:1


Less Failure Rate:
The Chinese Photo electricity Association provides this table. It gives a clear comparison of the failure rate between SMD, COB, and flip-chip COB LED displays:
Reference Cases:
(1)monitoring center


(2)large data center


(3)control center


Post time: May-17-2022