• LED display’s Pre-sale Service: Delivering the value to our products


LED display’s Pre-sale Service: Delivering the value to our products

In Starspark, we provide services to design and build LED technology and installations for the AV industry to provide additional pre-installation services to streamline the entire Project. As such, we can be contacted to assist in designing the video display and collaborating on the building of that Project before installing an LED display.


“Enhancing our ability to work with many customers and AV integrators, we can collaborate with them to develop solutions to fit their needs in complex and unique locations with their own set of challenges for introducing LED technology,” said Mr.Chen, CEO of Starspark Electronic. “We’re equipped to fill the need for engineering, design, contracting, and collaboration with architects and other design teams to ensure a successful project.”


Starspark is one solution for AV integrators or other companies involved in a project to manage several different vendors for each specific need, from working with the architects to final installation.
“Serving as one point of contact simplifies things for our partners, vendors, and integration companies,” added Mr.Chen. “Managing contacts in this capacity also streamlines the production and multiple aspects of the contract to meet the end customer’s needs. We require access to all of the project information, including drawings and blueprints, but at that point, we’ll be extremely effective for all parties involved.”
The oversight of design, manufacturing, and design brings consistency to project management and quicker timelines, so a display is installed and makes an impact sooner. The entire vision and design will be consistent with the project drawings and budget to ensure manufacturing and installation meet the Project’s initial expectations.

Post time: May-19-2022