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Micro LED is considered to be a nearly perfect display technology and has broad application prospects in the field of large-screen displays above 85 inches because of its advantages of high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, and seamless splicing. Major display manufacturers are actively deploying in the Micro LED display field. The structure and encapsulation of LED chip directly determine the performance of Micro LED display devices.

At present, three kinds of structure, namely the wire-bonding structure, flip structure and vertical structure, are mainly adopted in the industry. It can be seen from the comparison of those structures that the flip chip with high light emitting efficiency, good heat dissipation performance, high reliability and high mass production capacity is more suitable for Micro LED displays.

Typically, Micro LED encapsulation forms include Chip-type SMD encapsulation, N-in-one IMD encapsulation and COB encapsulation. Among these three kinds of encapsulation, COB encapsulation with the highest integration can be used to achieve the smallest pixel pitch, the highest reliability and the longest display life theoretically and is thought to be the best packaging solution for Micro LED.

The full range of Micro LED products: 

1) Use the flip chip COB encapsulation technology

2) Integrate Starspark’s core algorithm HDR3.0

3) Integrate the intelligent display technology

A professional team has been continuously researching on the optical design and image quality processing to improve the display effect. These efforts have contributed to smooth images, high color reproduction, gentle and consistent display. All the results have been applied to products which are widely used in scenarios such as large control centers and conference centers.

Post time: Mar-16-2022