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How To Choose

How To Choose

How To Choose a LED Display from us? 

Starspark Electronic has varieties of Led displays products for indoor and outdoor scenarios. Whether you intend to put your display in the stadiums, schools, or shopping malls or even lease your display for profit, there must be a Led display in Starspark that will fit your demand. But the question is: how to choose the right Led display for your business?


1.Screen Size and Location
Choosing the right size and location is the first step in choosing a Led display. The size of the display you choose will determine the cost of the entire LED project and the viewing effect of the display. Gaining a better understanding of where you will apply the Led display and what kind of effect you want to achieve for your audiences will influence the final performance of your LED project. For instance, Installing a 3×4 meters video screen for a 400-600 meters viewing distance would lose 200-300 meters of effective viewing.


2.What kind of content do you want to play on your LED display?
A LED display can be very costly-especially for those big projects. It will be a financial disaster if you purchase a LED display for the wrong purpose. Deciding the type of information or content you want to show on the LED display will allow us to assess the necessary steps between the LED pixels and their characteristics.


3.Selection of the Pixel Pitch
Choosing the pixel pitch and the resolution of your led display dictate the size of the LED display, viewing distance, angles, and budget. To deliver high-quality content on a big screen, you need to purchase a screen with the highest resolution possible under your budget.


4.Brightness and Viewing Angles
In the Led display industry, we always use nit to measure the brightness.
Typically, the brightness of the indoor Led displays should be no more than 2000 nits. The brightness should be above 3500 nits or even higher for the outdoor displays. ( It depends on the amount of the sunshine in your area and the direction of the display that display facing to)


5.Minimum Viewing Distance
The formula for calculating the minimum viewing distance is listed below:
【Pixel pitch×750 ~ 1000】
A closer video inspection will lead to a "decay" of the image into pixels. For instance, in a video with a pixel pitch of 19mm, the minimum viewing distance is 19mm×1000=19 meters.


6.Maximum Viewing Distance
The formula for calculating the maximum viewing distance is listed below:
The height of the LED display×20-30
For instance, for a led display with a height of 4.56 meters, the maximum viewing distance will be 4.56 X 30=137 meters

7.Control System of LED displays
A control system to a LED display is like a brain to your body. Our LED display allowed various control systems like Windows, OS, IOS, and Andriod. We can customize a system base on what you need.