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Starspark Electronics Timeline

1993 where it all started

In 1993, Mr. Chen just out of college, spent 11 years in the factory of the LED display section in Sichuan Top Group Technology Development Co., LTD. Starting from a front-line production worker to a technician, factory director, and senior manager, his understanding of LED display has become more mature. And then he stayed with the company for another two years as a buyer and salesman. During the whole 13 years, Mr. Chen was deeply inspired by the LED display industry, and thus laid a solid foundation for his future development in the LED display business. He not only accumulated rich work experience of LED display for himself but also certain contacts resources in this period of youth with no regrets.

Sichuan Starspark Electronic history1


In 2006, Mr. Chen declined the generous offer from the big company and decided to set up a small company to do LED display business with the other three shareholders —— Chengdu Chuangcai Technology Co., LTD. At this time Mr. Chen did not have a specific vision for the company but he understood that he needed to offer something different. The LED market had only recently diversified beyond the basic metal boxes. Creative LED products had been coming to market but it was not clear at the time what these were about and how large the market was and it was much easier to simply make higher volume LED displays delivered in metal boxes. This may have looked like a less complicated path forward but it presented a lot of problems and many young companies would have failed during this time.

Sichuan Starspark Electronic history2


Since it is a start-up company, its management system in all aspects needs to be improved and perfected, so it is quite difficult for the company to operate. Mr. Chen pondered how to make his LED display company have its characteristics. He spent a lot of time looking at what other companies were doing and ended up with a business model that would revolve around being responsive to customers. This may not have been a conscious decision.
The mesh products were new so perhaps this appeared to be a better point of entry for a new LED display company. But lower resolution creative displays also have a way of highlighting the flaws in a data distribution design or a bad ground plane and the systems are very sensitive to poor mechanical design.
This year, he met a like-minded man, Mr. Xiao, in a product visit, they uphold the idea of integrity management and re-decided to jointly establish a new company ——New Source Electronic.
The decisions Mr. Chen made during this period would forge the new company’s personality.

Sichuan Starspark Electronic history3


Sincere New Source Electronic was named "Vocational rehabilitation projects love enterprises" by the Disabled Persons' Federation of Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


2016 was an important milestone for New Source Electronic. The representative of Shunyang Enterprise visited Sichuan to attend LED China to find some manufactures in China. Finally, the two sides opened up the passenger transportation market through cooperation, and the share of the LED display market reached more than 65%.


Mr. Chen divides the company history into two phases. The first ten years were about survival but also education. The second phase was about internalizing what was learned. 2018 was a year of transformation. The company took the first step in shareholding reform, and the full shareholding plan began to implement.


Starspark Electronics registered the new trademark successfully and obtained the qualification of material equipment supplier of Territory Enterprise. Two months later, New Source Electronic is granted the cancellation.

Sichuan Starspark Electronic history4


In the year of beginning, Starspark Electronics obtained the qualification of Sichuan Huaxi Enterprise professional subcontractor. In November, it reached strategic cooperation agreements with Chengdu Trends Hansha Enterprise and Hubei Ji Zhuang Ke Enterprise. Starspark Electronics was declared a high-tech enterprise in the same month. In December, the company was awarded the first batch of technology-based SMEs warehousing awards in 2020. 


Starspark Electronics has obtained the patent certificate of outdoor hanging LED full-color display invention, and four utility model patent certificates. The company has been authorized the right of agent and service provider of Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity in the Sichuan region.

Basic Service

LED display belongs to engineering products, our company will design LED display system solution according to the needs of market or customers for different places, special functions and so on. Professionals will fully evaluate the adaptability of the using environment, and finally get satisfactory results from the design of the entire manufacturing, installation, testing, debugging, and operation.

It is divided into the following steps: The first step is to provide the equipment list according to the process, design, and site construction conditions. The second step is to purchase the display, control system, processor, player software, steel structure profile, wire, power distribution device, and auxiliary materials of the project products in the market. Finally, our company will carry out production\assembly, sales, transportation, engineering installation, and then checked by our customers.

Other Services

Weak Current Integration - Security Monitoring
LED Lighting Engineering
Color Lighting Engineering
Installation Technical Guidance
Weak Current Integration - Security Monitoring

For important places (such as airports, docks, water, and electrical plants, Bridges, DAMS, rivers, subways, etc.), the security monitoring system is routinely used in its main places and crucial monitoring parts. The front end of the security monitoring alarm system is a variety of cameras, alarms, and related ancillary equipment. The terminal is the display, recording, and control equipment, and the independent video monitoring center console will be generally used.

The independently operational video surveillance alarm system can program the picture display freely. It can also automatically or manually switch the screen display. The screen must display the camera number, address, time, date, and other information, and can automatically switch the scene to the specified monitor display. It should be able to record important surveillance pictures for a long time.

LED Lighting Engineering

Starspark Electronics pushed the development of LED lighting engineers. Through continuous innovation and research, the company provides excellent LED lighting solutions for tunnel lighting, subway lighting, urban landscape lighting, bridge building, and so on by relying on the advantages of high-quality light sources, energy conservation and environmental protection, continuous stability.

Color Lighting Engineering

As technology and design continue to advance, lighting projects bring color and enjoyment to our urban life. To better play the role of lighting engineering, the company will make reasonable planning in lighting engineering planning and design, fully consider surrounding factors and other lighting factors, to achieve the coordination between night and day. In addition, our company will provide design drawings, the shape, and parameters of the lamp, cost, supporting control system.

Installation Technical Guidance

Installation Technical Guidance/After-Sales Maintenance Services

Our company will be responsible for the whole process of LED display installation and debugging. We will contract in the form of materials, quality, time limit, and risk, and install equipment according to requirements. Moreover, We will provide technical training materials related to the project to guide the handling of relevant problems in the construction.

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